Play Windows 8, 10 & 11 OS compatible casinos

Although it no longer enjoys the same dominance that it once had, there are still more laptops and desktops out there that use the Windows operating system than any other. Microsoft is still producing new versions of their popular platform every few years, and they have scored some big hits over the years.

If you own a Windows machine then you are in the majority, and as we shall discover, this means that you shouldn’t have any issue finding compatible casino games and pokies.

What is MS Windows?

This seems like a redundant question in this day and age, because everyone should know what Windows is. This operating system was created by Microsoft and has seen many releases over the years, from the early days of DOS, when the operating system was a series of codes and commands, through to the hugely popular Windows 98 and Windows Vista, and then onto the modern iterations, which are based on mobile operating systems.

What Does Windows Offer?

The main thing that Windows has on other operating systems is compatibility. There is a belief that Windows is compatible with everything because it is so popular and because the developers want to appeal to that popularity. But while this certainly has something to do with it, it also has a lot to do with the fact that Windows is a wide-open system and it makes life easier for those developers. It is not difficult to create software that is compatible with the Windows operating system, which is certainly not the case with other platforms like OS X. Of course, this was always the goal, because while Windows always intended to be an open platform that everyone could create for and use, Apple Mac was created as a closed platform that only worked with Apple products and Apple recommended products.

Windows and Gambling

In the early days of online gambling, before instant play casinos became the norm, you needed to have a Windows machine if you wanted to download casino software. That is not the case anymore and the biggest developers, Microgaming and Playtech included, ensure their software is compatible with all operating systems. Still, having a Windows OS will still give you the freedom of choice that just isn’t available on other platforms, because there are still poker networks, bingo sites and even online casinos that only work with Windows.

The issue of security is often raised, and this is something that many non-Windows users like to point out. It is true that Windows has a lot of malware, worms and viruses that just aren’t there for other platforms. And it is also true that in making their system more accessible to software developers, they also made it more accessible to spyware and viruses. But providing you are careful, then you shouldn’t have any issue in that regard.

Always download software from sites that you can trust, because these will have no interest in bundling that software with spyware or other intrusive programs. You should also pickup an anti-virus program, but bear in mind that many of the lesser known programs and the “freeware” programs, actually cause more problems than they fix. In fact, in many cases these programs are bundled with spyware that creates a problem and then tricks you into paying a subscription fee in order to erase it.

The Best Windows Slots

So, now that we have gotten the basics out of the way, what are the best slots for your Windows machine? What happens when you get sick of playing Solitaire and Minesweeper and are looking for something a little more exciting?

The best slots tend to be available on the Microgaming software, which means you should look out for a Microgaming casino. This includes the likes of Jackpot City, where you can download casino software onto your Windows machine, or you can play directly through your Internet Explorer, Chrome or other web browser (some less popular browsers may not be compatible).

All of the slots, including Dark Knight Rises, Winning Wheels, Game of Thrones and Thunderstruck, will work on your Windows machine, and the same goes for the table games, including popular titles such as Double Exposure Blackjack and the Sic Bo variant Crown & Anchor.

Jackpot City Bonuses

Whether you download the casino software, play through your browser or even pickup the mobile software on your Windows device, you should be able to secure a welcome bonus. These are always available, but so many players miss out on them. Always look around for a bonus before you sign up. Check the promotion page, click affiliate and promotional links, and make sure bonus codes are entered when prompted. With so much money on offer, and with qualifying terms that are so easy to meet, it would be a travesty to miss out.