Ubuntu Casinos in Australia

Based on the Linux operating system and first created in 2004, Ubuntu is an open-source platform that is free to download, free to use, and free to change. In fact, users are encouraged to distribute and modify this platform, and many thousands of them have done just that.

There is a common misconception that Ubuntu is not very compatible, and that anything that is not Windows or Mac, just wont work with your favorite sites, games or software. But that is simply not the case, and there is always a way to play your favorite pokies on this operating system, as we shall discover.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system. It is based on Linux which, thanks to the Android operating system and its inclusion on servers, mainframes, notebooks and desktops around the world, is the world’s most popular operating system. Ubuntu itself is somewhat less popular than operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux itself, but there are still a lot of features and possibilities here that have made Ubuntu a hit with coders, developers and creative types the world over.

Ubuntu was named after a South African belief system and translates as “humanity and kindness” or more directly to “human-ness”. It was created and is currently led by a UK-based team and it is open-source for the most part, which means that owners and developers are able to tweak it, modify it and add to it. It also means that many software developers are able to easily create applications and programs for the platform.

 What Does Ubuntu Offer?

Ubuntu is completely free to download and use. If you are on a budget, this can be a God-send, especially when you consider that the latest Windows operating system can cost over $100, and sometimes a lot more than that. Ubuntu also has a lot to offer aspiring and professional developers, and while its features are not as user-friendly as other operating systems, and may therefore be difficult for some people to get their heads around, it still has a relatively clean and accessible interface.

Ubuntu is also very secure, as is usually the case with open-source OS, because users are always updating and improving on the original code, ensuring it is up to date with modern security standards.

Ubuntu and Gambling

Ubuntu should be able to run your favorite gambling apps. It is certainly powerful enough and has no issue handling bandwidth. After all, Ubuntu is used on servers and mainframes and is perfectly adapted for that use. However, you may need to limit yourself to the big developers, as they are the ones who ensure that their software can be used on most operating systems out there. Microgaming, for instance, have always put compatibility at the very top of their agenda, and they were one of the very first online casinos to cater for Mac and Linux users.

Microgaming software works on many Linux-based notebooks and devices, including Android. It also has the very best slots and is home to everything from the Tomb Raider and Girls with Guns series, to Winning Wheels, The Gee Gees and the hugely popular Playboy slot.

The Best Ubuntu Casino

For us, the best Microgaming casino out there right now is Spin Palace. Part of the BetWay group, it holds the record for the highest jackpot paid out on a slot machine, which occurred when a UK player scooped just shy of $20 million playing Mega Moolah. We’re not huge fans of this particular pokie ourselves, but the jackpot size (which has the highest seed amount in online gambling) can’t be ignored. And if you’re a big fan of progressive pokies, you can’t do much better than Mega Moolah.

The main thing that attracts players to Spin Palace, and the reason we have played on this casino for many years, are the bonuses it offers. And in particular the loyalty scheme.

 Spin Palace Loyalty Club

Very few online casinos have loyalty schemes these days. It seems like a huge oversight on their part, as this is one of the only ways to keep loyal players in your casino and to stop them from playing the role of a gambling nomad, hopping from welcome bonus to welcome bonus. But whatever the reason for it, Spin Palace is one of the only casinos that has a loyalty scheme, and it is easily the best one we have seen.

You can win everything from iPhones, laptops and personalized gifts, to VIP concert tickets, a concierge service and more. You will be treated like a true VIP, and if you gamble enough money and with enough frequency, you can top-up your earnings every few weeks.