Privacy Policy

Real Money Online Pokies is a content site, and one that focuses on online pokies for real money. These games are Australia’s obsession, and they are also ours. On this page you will find info relating to our privacy policy, all of which effects you, the reader, whenever you use the Real Money Online Pokies website.

Your Information

At no point will we ask for any of your financial information, and we will also not require any detailed personal information. Real Money Online Pokies is an affiliate site, one that focuses on content and one that does not sell a product or a service. However, there may come a time when this changes, a time when we create newsletters, competitions or something similar, at which point we may request basic information from those who wish to participate. If you contact us via a contact form or email, we will also request your name and email address, but only so that we can personalise our response to you, and so we know where to send that response.

At no point in time will we sell, trade or give away your information, and in the cases where it is not used immediately, such information will simply be deleted, ensuring that it does not fall into the wrong hands. In the event that your information is stored for later use or for consistent use (such as for a newsletter) it will be stored on a safe server based in a secure facility.

Other Information

We may also gather information on our readers via an analytical service. This is common across the internet and is used so that we can better understand who is using our website, what they are reading when they are here and how long they stay for. This information is gathered automatically, and it does not include anything that can be linked to you directly. This information will be stored indefinitely on third-party servers, but again, this does not effect your privacy or your rights, and at no point will we try and sell, trade, or give away this information.


At Real Money Online Pokies we use cookies, but only because we believe that these files increase your enjoyment of our site. Cookies are safe, secure and used on most sites. They create a bridge between our site and your computer, letting it know which articles you have read (so it will not recommend them in the future) and which pages you have visited, among other things.


Real Money Online Pokies is an affiliate website, which means that our goal is to provide accurate and informative content, as opposed to selling a product or service. We make our money by linking to other websites and services. However, we are not connected with these sites in any way, and we accept no responsibility for anything that happens to you or your money after you click onto them.

We do try our best to ensure that we only affiliate with sites that are trustworthy and honest, but at the same time we are unable to fully research into these sites and to determine in great detail just how reliable they are.

You are also asked to remember that the privacy policies listed on this page only apply to Real Money Online Pokies and not to any of our affiliates, so please be sure to click onto corresponding privacy policies whenever you leave this site for another.


By using this website you are automatically agreeing to the terms listed here. If you do not agree to these terms for whatever reason, then please close this page down. We do our best to maintain an environment that will be acceptable to everyone, as our readers are always our main concern, so if you do disagree with anything contained on this page then please contact us and let us know.


If we decide to change this page at anytime then we may do so without informing our readers. In such cases, if you continue to use this site after the changes have been made, then you are giving your consent.