Casino Bonuses: what are they?

Some would say casino bonuses are the best thing online gambling has: a real freebie, no strings attached. The others would argue that they are all one big bait to fish for newbies or cheapskates.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Bonuses have both sides: they are certainly advantageous to gamblers and give an online casino something in return.

Let’s talk about all that here and look at top casino bonuses from both perspectives: what they are for a gambler and for a casino.

How to get The Best Casino Bonus?

First of all, the best online casino bonus is an offer that was both promised and fulfilled. (Nobody wants to be deceived, right?) You can expect this to happen only when dealing with a legitimate Australian Bonus casino.

And what makes for the best online casino bonus? In our humble opinion, the other ingredient needed here is reasonable bonus terms and conditions. Stay away from offers that look too good to be true. If they seem unbelievable, maybe you should indeed avoid believing them. When you see promos advertizing 1,000% cash and imposing no requirements (to play the winnings through or limit the withdrawals)... or long lists of casino bonus codes promising hundreds of free spins, take some time to look into the terms and conditions, the matter of casino license, and customer feedback.

Two things may happen in a situation like this. Number One: you will get the bonus and be able to use it but fail to withdraw your winnings because the rules are too complicated or the wagering requirement is unrealistically high. The alternative is a rigged casino, hence, wasting time and money and jeopardizing your data security.

We are going to discuss bonus terms and conditions and explain everything you need to know about the wagering requirement further on.

Different kinds of Bonuses

The first rule of using a casino bonus is to understand that different types of bonuses will suit different players at different times. Don’t expect them to solve all your gambling problems: read the descriptions and think before hitting the ‘claim’ button. Don’t worry, you will find a good number of various offers in any “Bonus” section of casino websites, including mobile casino bonus code and cryptocurrency promos.

Deposit bonuses

The most common reward gamblers receive from online casinos is a Deposit Bonus. A player can claim it after making a real-money deposit: first, second, third, thirteenth, etc. The bonus usually gets more generous with a higher deposit. 

An Australian Bonus casino sets a minimum deposit limit and the maximum bonus amount, as a rule. For example, a bonus promo banner might read: “Deposit $20 or more and receive a 200% match-up bonus up to $500”. It means that the gambler who deposits $10 will not be eligible for the offer, and even if someone deposits $300, their bonus will not exceed $500 (200% x $300 = $600 – that’s what 200% of $300 must look like).

An Australian Bonus Casino may give out free spins as a deposit bonus as well. The more your payment is, the more times you will be able to spin a pokie.

Match bonuses

The term “match-up (matching or match bonuses) bonus” must be included in the word-stock of any online gambler. Taking into account everything we’ve said before, the definition will seem kind of straightforward and close to what a “deposit bonus” is. The amount of rewarded casino credits will match your deposit and depend on its size. For a $50 deposit, a 150% match-up bonus will add to your casino account $75-worth cash credits, and you will end up with $125 credits to gamble away.

The most frequent match bonuses range within 100%-250%. You are likely to receive match bonuses upon registration as a casino welcome bonus or after you reload your account.

No deposit bonuses

In contrast to deposit bonuses, there are no deposit bonuses that gamblers love. The name speaks for itself: you don’t even have to make a deposit to claim this kind of bonus. Online casinos tend to give out no deposit bonuses to new players upon registration. Let’s admit it: this is clearly a marketing tool meant to attract new customers and persuade them to start gambling. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and promotions or special offers are a common practice for any business, necessary for its survival. Just keep that idea in mind and check all terms and conditions of a no deposit bonus. They are likely to be more demanding than the ones attached to deposit bonuses. Maybe you will find them too hard to satisfy and opt for some other offer, or at least you will know what you are getting into, and there will be no disappointing surprises when the time to withdraw your winnings comes.

Free spins

This casino bonus is for online pokies only. “Spins” here refer to slot reels exclusively; the bonus will not suit any other game that consists of spinning components, like a Roulette wheel, for instance.

As the name of the bonus suggests, a casino will give you a certain number of spins, and you wouldn’t have to pay for them. Players get to play some slots for free. A casino will normally limit the choice of the most popular casino bonus games and list the casino bonus slot machines where the bonus can be used.

Customarily, casinos offer from 10 to 30 spins as a bonus.

The most crucial thing about this bonus to be aware of is that all the winnings you get after using them are not real cash yet. They are casino credits subject to a further play-through. How long and how much? The wagering requirement has answers to these questions (Wouldn’t hurt to check it in advance in the Bonus Terms & Conditions; more on it a little later).


Every gambler loses from time to time. Some online casinos try to sweeten the pill and return a percentage of the lost money to their players. That is, in a nutshell, how casino cashback works. You won’t find this treat too frequently, so try to appreciate the gesture when you do.

Casinos return a percentage of all the money spent by a gambler during a certain period (most often – the previous week).

No Wagering Bonus

As you probably know, all the winnings you gain while using a casino bonus are not real cash. In case you had no idea about it, we are happy to finally take your rose-tinted glasses off your face. These winnings are casino credits, usually subject to playing-through. A person has to wager them as many times as the wagering requirement establishes: 10x, 20, 35x times. Only having done that, will they turn everything left from the won casino credits into real money and withdraw it.

No Wagering bonuses have no wagering requirement among their terms and conditions. So, all the winnings you get from a bonus will go straight to your real-money account and be ready for withdrawal. No strings attached. Almost. There will be other requirements to satisfy, don’t get too happy.

New casinos appearing on the market sometimes dare to offer the so-called ‘no-rules bonuses’. They eliminate all the restrictions typically associated with the process of playing through the bonus credits. No wager, no cash-out limits, no game contribution percentage: just get free credits, spend them and withdraw all the winnings straight. Isn’t it any gambler’s dream? We don’t want to persuade you that all these bonuses are suspicious, but we will remind you of the necessity to do a thorough security and feedback check before registering with a new online casino.

How To Claim No Deposit Bonus At Casino

After you’ve chosen a reliable online casino and found its game collection, payment options,  and bonus features satisfying, sign in and create an account.

As soon as the account has been verified and approved, log in and go to the Bonus page. Read all the Bonus terms and conditions, get an idea of what requirements you will face after claiming the bonus and winning.

  • Choose the No Deposit bonus you’d like to claim;
  • Insert the casino bonus codes (coupons) if necessary;
  • Press the ‘claim’ button;
  • Check the list of eligible games and start playing according to it (not all the most popular casino bonus games are usually suitable for bonus offers).

When you use up all the free credits, make sure to fulfill all the bonus terms and conditions and request the withdrawal of your winnings.

Bonus codes (coupons)

A casino bonus can be claimed in the easiest way possible: just by clicking the ‘claim’ button. The others require coupons, or casino bonus codes – a unique combination of letters and numbers.

Casino bonus codes together with the latest casino bonus can be posted in the Bonus section of a casino webpage, found on themed forums and portals, or received from casino affiliates as a special offer. You will see them marked as ‘deposit bonus code’, ‘no deposit bonus code’, ‘no wager (no cash-out) code’, etc… Casino bonus codes and coupons are not a must, though.