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Reel Bar Slot – Simple Slot Game with Decent Returns

Reel Bar is a simple slot game that goes all day and night and there is no such thing as last orders right here. It gives you the perfect head on your beer every single time. If you love to smoke, then you would definitely love to go to this type of bar because not only are the drinks free, but you will be able to smoke. Another enjoyable thing about this game is that instead of receiving a packet of peanuts or crisps, you will receive some cash back.


Reel Bar is a slot game that has a 3×3 grid. There are 3 reels and 5 win lines available in Reel Bar. The amount of lines and reels in this game is considerably small for the video slot market. Even though it is small, the slot game itself is pretty entertaining and it has a jackpot that is full of goodies that goes further than your average prize.


The Drinks in Reel Bar- Regardless if you are drinking alone or with friends, the goal of this game is the same which is spin to create wins. If you think you are not ready to play this slot with real money, you do have the option to play the demo version. The demo version will allow you to experience the different features of the Jukebox Bonus whenever you like. However, when playing with real money, you cannot reach this feature until you place a wager.


You can make adjustments to this game through using the (-) and (+) symbols. It allows you to go upward from €0.01 for each line. Also, it is crucial to keep in mind that there is only 5 winning lines. More than likely, you are not going to change them, but however if you want to you would have to use the glass located next to the pint. The highest that can be gambled is €500, which equals out to €25,000 totally.


In regards to the other parts of the control bar, it has different cocktails and beverages for your appetite along with other things that will improve your experience, like for instance Fast Play. If needed to, you can go to the info section. However, the paytable is located on the right side of the bar. Due to the paytable being located on the right side of the bar, it is easy to access the tiles and what they are worth.


In this type of slot game, you can only get 3 matching symbols as the max. In theory, it would make sense for it to be easy to land matching icons. However, Reel Bar has ensured that the game is not too easy for the players.


Prizes in this game are based on your bet. In other words, the larger the bet, the bigger the potential prize will be. Like with other slots, it is very risky to bet huge. Due to the risks, a lot of players are not willing to make large bets. The lowest bet payout for the top tile is €7 and the highest bet one is €350,000. Some aspects of this can be confusing. Like for instance, the highest anyone can win is €700, but however the previous sentences shows how your wager plays a role in potential wins in the game.


The Music in Reel Bar Slot- The Jukebox Bonus is the only one in this game. In this bonus round, you will have a lot of wheel of opportunities to have a try at luck. During this round, the jukebox lights up and a piano sound will play before the mini level starts up. Once, the piano sound comes to an end, a wheel appears. The wheel is lined up with different prizes. The prizes range from multipliers of x10 to progressive jackpots. All you have to do is spin the wheel and wait to see where it will land. It is another simple bonus from Casino Web. Even though it is simple, it still has some excitement to it.


Overall Thoughts About Reel Bar Slot- Reel Bar is a slot game that is between brilliant and terrible. The graphics in this game are great and so are its wins. However, even with its great graphics and wins, it still has potential to become more than what it is. Again, this is not to say this slot is terrible, but however there could have been more added to it make it even more fun and exciting to play. Many slot players will not be able to play this slot at its highest pay which is very unfortunate because that is the only way to experience it as its best. However, it is still possible to enjoy this game when playing for much less.

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