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Berry Burst slot

Berry Burst is an online slot game released by NetEnt in 2018. 

The online slot machine features 10 paylines, 5 reels, and the RTP of 97%. 

The game is based on a fruit theme: Berry Burst invites everyone who gambles online to pass some free time playing one of the best online pokies

The Berry Burst game is perfect for real money and demo play at various online casinos as well as at social casinos. 

How to play Berry Burst? 

Before you get into gambling for real cash prizes, we would certainly recommend doing the following: 

  1. Register at a legal online casino with a solid reputation. 
  2. Study the game rules and Paytables to know better how the game is going to play out and the symbols bringing the best payouts. 
  3. Test Berry Burst without depositing real money — use its demonstrative version. 
  4. Find the best strategy for yourself. How many paylines are you going to activate? What size will your wages be? 
  5. Mark time and money limitations to gamble responsibly. 

As in any other slot game youíll have a chance to play at a land-based or web casino, your aim when playing Berry Burst is going to be to land at least three matching symbols on the slot reels that can make winning combinations. 

As a rule, the slot symbols rotating on the reels can be split into 2 categories: regular slot symbols and special Bonus symbols (Scatters, Wilds, Multipliers). 

Standard slot symbols are images of similar style; these images don’t differ in their look and pay out nearly the same amounts. 

On the contrary, Bonus slot symbols easily catch the eye. These symbols can have unique features, colors, shapes, or words written on them. 

Video slot providers are bound to put all the valuable information covering online slot symbols and their payout values in Pay Tables. As weíve already mentioned earlier, you will be more prepared if you get to know the pay tables before starting to gamble. Start the game and check the bottom of the screen: you can find “Settings”, “Information”, “Menu” buttons. The Paytables and symbols explanations are regularly placed under one of those options. 

The vibe of the Berry Burst slot game will prompt you to picture classic Vegas slots with their crispy images, popular bonus features, and intuitive gameplay. 

The regular symbols you will find on the Berry Burstís reels are Heart, Spade, and Diamond. When you are gambling, the symbols that are going to pay out the most are Strawberry, Tangerine Slice, Blackcurrant & Half a Lemon. Getting combinations of 2 - 4 of matched symbols on activated paylines is exactly what you need to do to trigger a payout. 

Berry Burst offers Wild symbols (regular Wild and Expanding Wild). Not only will these symbols lead to the biggest winnings, but they also have a couple of unique functions. We are going to talk about it a couple of paragraphs later. 

Berry Burst provides online gamblers with an opportunity to choose the wagered amount. You will need “+”/”-” buttons at the bottom to adjust the stakes. Undoubtedly, higher stakes ensure better winnings. However, they grant fewer tries to hit a winning combination. 

Don’t begin with big stakes. Stick to the principle that the longer you play, the better odds you have to land the right combination. Online gamblers can achieve it when they opt for minimal wages and extended gambling sessions. 

Also, there is an “Autoplay” option in the lower part of the screen. It switches on the automatic spinning mode: the slot player doesn’t need to click on the “play” button after each round, and 5 reels are going to spin automatically. 

Another setting to adjust is the number of activated winning lines. Activating a payline implies betting on it. As long as you play an online slot with only a couple of activated pay lines, you are missing plenty of chances to build a winning combination. Try experimenting with it in a demonstrative mode, and you will feel how rare winning spins get with fewer activated pay lines. To our mind, paying for triggering the maximum paylines is certainly worth the cost. 

Where to play Berry Burst? 

Berry Burst is included in game selections at the best online casinos. Online slot fans can play it for real money and for free at: 

  • 7Bit online casino. 
  • Woo online casino. 
  • Bizzo casino. 
  • Lucky Dreams online casino. 
  • Play Amo online casino. 
  • Bit Starz casino. 
  • King Billy casino. 
  • Spin Samurai. 
  • Ricky casino. 
  • Slots Million casino. 

We believe that the Berry Burst will deliver unbiased results and established payoffs because we know that NetEnt consistently develops approved online games of top-notch quality. 

For this reason, what online gamblers need to look after is the legitimacy of the online casino they have signed in with. When it is certified, you won’t have to think about unfair games and lost money. 

Mobile version review

Berry Burst video slot is mobile-responsive to desktop and computers. Gamblers don’t have to use any extra software to play Berry Burst slot for real money or for free on their mobile phones or iPads. 

Slot players just have to find the game in a search engine and get started. Berry Burst is mobile-friendly: it will accomodate any device you will be using easily. 

Nevertheless, we recommend confirming how well the graphics of the Berry Burst game will function on your mobile phone or iPad, since the level of mobile compatibility may depend on the operating system, producer, series, and year. 

Bonus Symbols

Along with the regular slot symbols of the Berry Burst slot — Heart, Spade, and Diamond — there are special Bonus symbols with extra features. In our video slot, this is wilds (regular Wild and Expanding Wild).

Wilds are designed to make the process much more engaging. They don’t pop up frequently on the reels, but they sure do make you happy. And here is why. 

In Berry Burst, the wild symbols (regular Wild and Expanding Wild) are programmed to substitute for other slot symbols on the reels when there is a chance to complete a winning combination. It implies that the Wilds emerging anywhere on the slot reel increase the winning chances. 

Big Wins

The biggest payoff Berry Burst offers to players is $10000. You have a chance to trigger it by hitting the best-paying combination: Strawberry, Tangerine Slice, Blackcurrant & Half a Lemon. The Wild symbols, thanks to their bonus features, could also contribute to triggering the best jackpots. Wilds multiply the successful results, help build up a winning combination, activate bonus rounds. 

Bonus Features

The best-known bonuses of video slots are Bonus games, Free Spins, Gambling options. 

The Scatters often trigger “inside” free spins. On occasion, the video slot itself grants them at random — is there anything that can be more enjoyable for a gambler than that? 

Bonus games can present a gambler a few themed images to choose from (for instance, it may be boxes or chests). Depending on your choice, you might get a multiplier, free spins, some coins. 

Online gamblers can trigger a Gambling round after a successful spin. A flashing button (“Gamble”) must light up next to the usual “Play” button. If you choose to opt for it, you might risk the winnings you have just earned. What you need to do in the Gambling round is to predict a color of a playing card that will appear face down. If you have guessed correctly, the video slot will pay you some extra. The incorrect guess, on the contrary, will leave you without the winnings. 

No Deposit Free Spins

As we’ve already explained, some online slots have in-game free spins — a bonus feature that offers casino players an opportunity to spin the reels “on the house”. Free Spins increase the winning odds and boost the fun level. 

But these are not the only free spins online gamblers can get. Besides the programmed bonuses, online casinos grant their customers various deposit and no deposit casino bonuses, and Free Spins are usually on the bonus list. 

Players are given free spins after depositing real money. And then, they can use the Free Spins bonus while playing the slot games suggested in the Bonus description. 

You may not receive No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses as frequently as deposit Free Spins bonuses. Online casinos like to grant No Deposit Free Spins to new customers after they create an account. As the bonus name implies, you don’t need to deposit real money and have a right to start playing an online slot for free right away. The only complication you will have to deal with down the road is meeting a wagering requirement. 

According to Bonus rules and regulations of most online casinos, an online gambler must satisfy a play-through requirement in order to withdraw the Free Spins winnings. 

So, after having played all the No Deposit Free Spins, you have to multiply the number of earned credits by the wager. (In general, a play-through amount ranges from 20x to 80x. ) Whatever you end up with after using these basic arithmetics is how many casino credits you must wager playing the same slot. Only after having done that, will online gamblers be eligible to withdraw the No Deposit Free Spins winnings. 

How to play Berry Burst for real money? 

Everyone who want to play the Berry Burst game for real money online will have to: 

  1. Look for a licensed online casino. 
  2. Confirm that the players from their country may join the online casino. 
  3. Register and make an account. 
  4. You might be requested to send out some of your documents to confirm the identity. 
  5. Make a minimum deposit (the casino T&C will state how much). 
  6. Read the online casino Bonus T&C carefully and claim a suitable casino bonus (if possible). 
  7. Check the slot pay tables and extra features. 
  8. Play Berry Burst with no real-money payment using its demo mode. 
  9. Adjust the bet amounts and the number of active paylines. 
  10. Figure out how to control your gambling budget to know when to quit. 

When all these measures have been taken, the gambler may start playing Berry Burst for real money. 

How to play Berry Burst for free? 

If you want to play Berry Burst online for free, you have to: 

  • Search for the Berry Burst game online. 
  • Make sure that the web page has a demo mode of Berry Burst. 
  • If the game is not available for free at online casinos, you might find it in casino games simulations included in mobile apps or social casinos. 
  • Start playing Berry Burst for free online. 

Playing Berry Burst for free online at a social casino or in trial mode will not give you a chance to get real cash winnings. To earn real money at an online casino, you need to make a deposit first and have a verified casino account. 

Berry Burst RTP

Return To Player Percentage (RTP) is a percentage of the wagered money contributed to the casino income by a certain online slot that will be returned to gamblers in the form of real-money prizes or jackpots over a considerable period of time. For example, if RTP equals 90%, the players can expect to get 90% of the total sum spent on the game for about 1,000,000 rounds. In fact, the question about the length of the RTP time period still stands. As a rule, online casinos return 88% - 99% to their players. 

The Berry Burst RTP is estimated at 97 %. 

We want to point out that the RTP parameter doesn’t reflect the idea of how many percents you personally are likely to gain from every $1 bet in the game. Online slots don’t guarantee you the 97 % of your $100, even if you gamble for a while. Return to Player Percentage is a figure that will take into account probably a thousand other gamblers. 

Slot tips

Licensed slot developers can not allow dubious outcomes. 

Video slots run on computerized algorithms designed to provide random results or something close to them. It means that there isn’t a good chance to know how a slot round will play out if you are not a prodigy programmer. 

Video slots are games of chance, at their core. A player can’t influence the system of how slot combinations are formed. With that in mind, we have picked a few suggestions for playing and winning at casino games. 

  • Safety. Deposit real money and share your information only at legitimate casino webpages with excellent feedback and confirmed payouts. 
  • History. Favour online slots from reliable providers to gamble for real-money winnings. 
  • Hit frequency. Slot players should know what they want from the online slot and what their gambling objectives are. 

If you are looking for numerous but kind of average wins, consider low volatility slots. Gamblers who think it’s not a problem for them to wait longer for bigger payoffs might test highly volatile games and progressive online slots. 

Remember that the number of active pay lines and reels matters when it comes to hitting frequency and paid-out amounts. The more lines and reels a slot features, the more combinations it generates. Which implies that the player will have fewer chances to land the winning one. And maybe a 3-reel old-school classic is exactly what you need, no matter how basic the visuals and sounds are. 

  • Knowledge. You ought to understand Pay Tables and the rules of the chosen game not to miss a chance for its bonuses and extras. This requirement goes for Terms and Conditions established by any online casino. Online gamblers must be aware of all of them. No exceptions. 
  • Demo games. Be smart: play the chosen game in a demo mode first. 
  • First steps. In the very beginning, place the lowest bets. As long as online slots don’t require any skills, the winning chances improve with a growing number of attempts. Small wages are what can ensure a longer game. 
  • Make your chances better. Activate as many paylines as possible. As long as you don’t do it, you are bound to miss plenty of chances to land a winning combination. 

In addition to all that, enjoy the fun factor. Online slots are a recreational activity, and the safest attitude towards the fact that you will win or lose real money playing them is to have fun. When playing slots becomes a way to make a living, it stops being that innocent. 


Lastly, we would like to point out once again that Berry Burst by NetEnt is a reliable online slot with decent Return to Player Percentage — 97 % and all the best slot attributes: wilds, Bonus games, multipliers, free spins. 

Bear in mind the principles of casino games and their game mechanics, stay safe, and have fun with Berry Burst. 

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