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At The Movies Slot – Review

At The Movies is one of the newest releases from Betsoft Gaming. This is a slot that is very exciting, addictive, and visually amazing. It is the type of slot that can make you feel as if you are at a land-based casino. The slot symbols and the layout of the reels is a representation of what you will see at movie theaters. This includes popcorn, magazines, a projector, and movie stubs. The uniqueness in its gameplay makes it very fun to play, while they are hoping that luck is on their side as they are playing it.


Thoughts About At the Movies Slot- If you have ever played a regular slot machine, then you will definitely have a very clear understanding of At The Movies. This slot does not have three reels, instead it has 4. Also, it has thirty paylines. The largest amount of coins that can be used is 150 and the betting range starts at $0.02 and ends at $75. Its progressive jackpot is one of the biggest incentives offered in this game. With that being said, players have a larger chance at winning a lot of money. So much money to the point in which, a player’s life can make a huge change forever.


Playing At the Movies Slot and Playing With Real Money- Before the spinning action in this slot can start, there are many options that have to be looked at. These options have the ability to possibly increase the chances of winning. Making adjustments to the amount of paylines is the first option to go over. A soda container represents that option and a player can play on one line or on 30 paylines. Once you are done with making adjustments on the amount of paylines you want to play, then you can choose how much you would like to bet on each payline. This is an option that is represented by the popcorn tub symbol. This game contains a setting of five credits, which is a total of 125 credits. Any player of this slot can increase or decrease the amount of credits for each line between one credit and five credits. Once you are done with this option, you can then choose how much you would like to wager. The standard setting on all slot games released by Betsoft is at $10. However the denominations can also include, $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50.


There is both a free version and a real money version of this game available. Once you are done with making adjustments for all of the options, then you are ready to finally spin.


The Bonus Features in At the Movies- One of the unfortunate things about this slot is that there are not many bonus features in comparison to a lot of other slots that are currently on the market. There is only two bonus features available. The free spins feature is the first one. It can be locked through landing a combination of at least three movie reel symbols after a spin on the screen. After this bonus is triggered, the screen will change into a different one. On this second screen, you will receive free spins.


The free spins will give players an opportunity to receive more credits without having to spend a dime. Depending on the amount of movie reels that pop up on the reels after a spin, you will be given a certain amount of free spins. Landing three movie reels will give you eight free spins, four will get you twelve free spins, and five will award with you 20 free spins. Whenever a win occurs during the bonus round, the points get doubled automatically to the winnings. The wild symbols of the game are the comedy and tragedy ones. These symbols can replace any other symbol except for the scatter. The scatter is the movie reel.


The fact that this game does not many bonus features is a huge flaw of the game. Also, the soundtrack does not reflect any movie, which is also a flaw. Other than those factors, it is a fun and interesting slot to play. Its theme is unique. This is a slot that can make you feel as if you are literally at a movie theater. Even though this is a basic slot to play, it still has interesting elements to it. It is very unfortunate that a slot such as this one, does not have many bonus features. If it had more bonus features, it would be more fun to play. If you are a slot player that does not mind playing slots that do not have a lot of bonus games, then you will definitely love playing this one. However, if you are not then there is a good chance that you will not like it.

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