Untamed Wolf Pack – Pokies with Landscape Background

Take a trip to the wilds of Canada and spend some time with one of nature’s most beautiful animals, the wolf. In Microgaming’s Untamed Wolf Pack this graceful animal is celebrated in all of its beauty, with some big wins and some interesting features thrown in for good measure. To play this pokie for yourself, and to try out the many other pokies in the Untamed series, pay a visit to Spin Palace.




This is an attractive pokie, with a wild landscape serving as the backdrop and with the wolf taking center stage throughout the pokie. Other wild animals also feature, but there is no denying that the canis lupus is the star of the show.


The biggest win on Untamed Wolf Pack is 7500 coins, which is relative to your stake. This is not huge, but this is a fairly accessible jackpot and one which is much more common than the bigger jackpots you’ll find on other sites.




This pokie can be played for just $0.30 a spin. It is played with coins, and you can value these at a maximum of $0.05 per coin.


Bonus Rounds


The main bonus round is a free spins round. There are no multipliers here or anywhere else in this pokie, but there is a Running Wild feature activated during this round. There is also a feature on the base game, one that allows you to collect and build your wilds, after which a feature will be triggered, turning a number of the reels wild. This is a unique feature and it adds a little longevity to the game. It is not flawless, as it is possible to finish this round with nothing, but on some occasions you’ll win much more here than you will in the main free spins feature.




We weren’t expecting much when we first played this pokie, thinking that the aesthetic would be the main focus and that the features and gameplay would suffer. That was definitely not the case though and we really enjoyed this pokie.

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