Tunzamunni Pokies Review – Jackpot City Progressive

Released in 2008 and available on Jackpot City, Tunzamunni can still be considered a modern pokie, but based on its simple 3-reel aesthetic, it’s easy to assume otherwise. Whilst this pokie won’t win any beauty contests, it does have a hidden surprise.


This is a basic pokie with a basic setup. It uses three reels and most of the symbols are 7s, with different colours and styles denoting the different value symbols. There are also “bar” symbols, but it is the 7s that pay the most and if you get three different ones in the game’s only payline then you’ll win the progressive jackpot. You need to play the maximum amount of coins, which is 5, for that to be the case, but there are still big wins available even if you don’t, and this particular payline will return between 2,500x and 10,000x for bets of 1 to 4 coins.


As mentioned above, you can bet between 1 and 5 coins on Tunzamunni. There is only one payline, and the coins are worth a minimum of $0.05. This means that with just $0.25 you can qualify for the progressive jackpot, an amount that regularly exceeds $100,000, and can often go much higher than that.

Bonus Rounds

There are no bonus rounds on Tunzamunni, which is a little disappointing, but it is to be expected considering the basic, old-school layout of this pokie. The progressive jackpot goes someway to making up for that, but this is still a game that will disappoint many pokie fans, only appealing to those who prefer the arcade style.


As mentioned above, Tunzamunni leaves a lot to be desired. It will appeal to a particular audience, but that audience is in a very small minority, with the vast majority preferring big bonus rounds, multiple features and advanced graphics, everything that Tunzamunni is definitely not.

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