Track and Field Mouse – Pokies with Athletic Rodent

Available on Spin Palace and other respected Microgaming casinos, Track and Field Mouse is an athletic pokie where a cartoon rodent is the star of the show. There is only 1 payline and 3 reels on this pokie, but whilst all signs point to Track and Field Mouse being a simplistic retro game, it is anything but and there are a few interesting features that all pokie fans will enjoy.




The symbols on Track and Field Mouse are all retro symbols, including bars and lemons. A lot of these pay very well though, and there is also a “nudge” and a “hold” feature. This means that Track and Field Mouse requires as much skill as it does luck, functioning like an old-school pokie. The backdrop is also well designed featuring a mouse taking part in a track and field event.


Bet Sizes


Track and Field Mouse doesn’t have a huge betting range, far from it. The maximum bet is only $10, whilst the minimum bet is just $0.10. This will suit the majority of players, but it will also leave many high rollers disappointed.




Although it is rare for games like this to have bonus features, Track and Field Mouse is the exception. There is a feature whereby the reels open up, increasing your chances of landing a big win. In fact, if you get three of the mouse symbols during this feature then you can win as much as 500x your stake.




We got a lot more from Track and Field Mouse than we expected. This might look like a simple retro game on the surface, but once you dig a little deeper you discover that it has much more to it. Track and Field Mouse is fun, it’s generous and it also has a bonus feature, a “nudge” and a “hold”, ensuring that it appeals to fans of bonus pokies as well as fans of retro pokies.

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