Totem Treasure – Pokies with Huge Returns

Totem Treasure is a very simple game that has been available on the Microgaming software for a number of years. This was one of their first pokies, created at a time when they were establishing themselves as the leading force in the online casino industry. It doesn’t look as impressive as many of their modern creations, but it still has a few big benefits, even when stacked up against those better looking, modern games. To play Totem Treasure for yourself, head for Spin Palace, where you can secure some free spins and a new member bonus to get you started.




Totem Treasure is very dated. The graphics are as simple as they come, but if you look beyond this you will find some high paying symbols. These include the bald eagle, which generates a huge return of 12,000x if you’re lucky enough to land 5 of them on a single payline, and 1,000x if you land 4. There is also a big wild, which boasts all other wins but doesn’t really return anything impressive itself, and three other symbols that pay 1,000x or above.


Bet Sizes


You can stake just $0.25 per spin on Totem Treasure, and if you want to push the boat out a bit, you can go all of the way to $25 per spin, which is the maximum bet. There are 5 paylines in total, but there is no way to pick and choose which ones of these you want to play.




Totem Treasure does not have any bonus features to speak of. It doesn’t even have a scatter symbol.




Totem Treasure is let down a little by the fact that it has no bonus feature, and by the fact that the aesthetics are not great. Some players will choose to ignore these in favor of the high payouts, the strong RTP and the speed of play, but it’s a hurdle that many just won’t be able to get over.

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