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Titans of the Sun Hyperion was released at the same time as Titans of the Sun Theia, forming a two-part pokie series. This Microgaming series celebrates the two Greek Gods Theia and Hyperion, who were the parents of the Sun God Helios.


This pokie, and its sister pokie, are both available on the Spin Palace online casino.




Titans of the Sun Hyperion has a Greek Island backdrop, an exact replica of the Titans of the Sun Theia pokie. The symbols are also very similar, with Hyperion himself being the star of the show, as well as standard letters and numbers, and some other well designed symbols.


The symbols on Titans of the Sun Theia actually pay quite a bit more than the symbols here, which is disappointing. The wild symbol pays half as much as its sister pokie, at just 1,000x, and Hyperion only pays 400x, as opposed to the 1,000x you get for Theia on Titans of the Sun Theia.




Titans of the Sun Hyperion has a minimum bet of just $0.15, with the maximum bet going all of the way to $15.


Bonus Rounds


The main bonus feature is a free spins round, but there are no multipliers here, unlike the other game in the series. The Stacked Mystery Symbol feature is available on both of these pokies and comes alive during the free spins round, but for whatever reason, despite being a carbon copy of Titans of the Sun Theia in appearance, it is lacking in gameplay and returns.




In many ways, it looks like Theia is the pride and joy of this incestuous family. Her brother (and husband’s) pokie feels like it has a weaker RTP, even though there isn’t much difference; the symbols pay a lot less and you’ll also get less in the bonus round. This is not a bad pokie at all, but given the choice we’d opt for Theia.

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