Thousand Islands – 3 Reel Pokies AU

Thousand Islands is a slick retro pokie that was developed by the kings of the genre, Microgaming. It can be found on the best licensed casinos, including the bonus-rich Jackpot City, where new members and loyal members can all secure some hefty bonuses.




Microgaming have used the same layout for many of their retro games, and that layout is used again on Thousand Islands. However, it looks a little different here, and a lot better. It’s more polished, and much classier. This doesn’t affect the gameplay, but it makes the game a little more interesting to look at.


The symbols are classic symbols, including bars, cherries and more, but there is also a Thousand Islands logo. This is the biggest symbol, the one that pays the most money, and it is also the game’s wild symbol. Basically, all big wins will involve this symbol in one way or another, and any win without it isn’t worth much at all.


There is only 1 payline on Thousand Islands, and this works across just 3 reels.


Bet Sizes


The betting range on Thousand Islands, much like the gameplay and layout, is very similar to other retro games Microgaming have created in that the minimum bet is $0.25 and the maximum is $10.




There are no bonus features of any kind on Thousand Islands. No scatter symbols, no instant wins. Nothing. The wild is the closest you will get to such a feature, and whilst this is impressive, it doesn’t quite have the allure of a free spin feature.




Thousand Islands is a retro game, which says all that you need to know. It will only appeal to a limited audience, but if you like that sort of thing, then you can’t do much better than Thousand Islands. It has a polished look, a big wild and an in-game jackpot of 1,600 coins.

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