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As one of the fastest growing markets in the technological sector, tablets have gone from an idea that few people thought would take off, to an explosive industry in just a few years. These days most households in Australia own at least own tablet, and many own several. Tablets make everything easier and more enjoyable. You can game, chat and browse on the go, and these devices are also perfectly suited for online gambling.

You have probably seen the glut of “fun-play” slots, poker, bingo and other games available in the app store. But what about real money gambling? Where can you go to risk real cash, to win big prizes and to take your gambling to the next level? In this article we’ll tell you where, and we’ll also look at tablet gambling on the whole.

Gambling on Your Android Device

A lot of Android owners seem to believe that they can’t use their device to gamble. This is because there are no real money gambling apps on the Google Play Store. If you’re using real money, then gambling in all of its forms is illegal. This applies to online casinos, sports books, poker rooms and even fantasy football. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t get these apps onto your device, because while Google can police the Google Play Store, they can’t place similar restrictions on your device.

The first thing you need to do is allow downloads from outside of the Google Play Store. The default setting does not allow this and if you try it will frustrate you with pop-ups and warnings until you give up and buy an iPad. Just go into your “Settings” and select the option to allow downloads from the web and from third-party developers. You can then pay a visit to the casino or gambling site of your choice, and download directly. In most cases, you might not even need to do that. Many casinos now allow you to play directly through your web browser and there are very few issues when you do. You will need to ensure that your device is in landscape mode (so de-select the “lock screen” option before you load the games) and you will need to ensure you have a capable device and a strong connection, but those rules also apply if you are playing through an app.

Gambling on your iOS Tablet

It is much easier to gamble on an Apple device than it is to gamble on an Android device, and you can find plenty of real money gambling apps in the App Store. You should always look to signup to and even deposit on the casino’s website first, before downloading their app either through the App Store or via the website. This way you can pickup whatever bonuses are available.

Just make sure these bonuses are available first. They tend to crop-up only when you follow affiliate links or other promotional links, but you may also be able to take advantage of them if you click onto the casino website and look under their “Promotions” page. However, in most cases the casino are not interested in offering bonuses to players who visit their site directly and only use them to lure you into clicking on their link in the first place.

The Best Tablet Software

Microgaming are always a good bet when it comes to mobile casinos. They are the oldest developer and in our opinion, and the opinion of many other pokie fans, they are also the best. Some of this is down to the fact that Microgaming have always been ready and willing to make changes. Not only were they the first online casino, the first licensed casino provider and the first to create progressive pokies, but they have also played a big role in bringing online gambling to the mobile market. You can’t ask for much more than that.

The Best Tablet Casino

One of the oldest and most respected casinos out there, and one that combines mobile compatibility with Microgaming software, big bonuses and more, is Jackpot City. Here you wont find a huge list of everything Microgaming have ever created, and instead you will find a selection of their best and their newest slots, with all of those games that were created to make up the numbers not making their way onto this software.

Jackpot City is simpler than other casinos, it is more streamlined and compact, yet it still has a huge list of banking options, it is still tightly regulated and highly secure, and it still does everything you need it to do. In fact, Jackpot City is a mobile casino for the mobile age, and that makes it perfect for your tablet, whether you’re using the latest Apple and iOS device, or a classic Android one.

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