So Much Candy Pokies – Candy-coated Slots Fun

If you have a sweet tooth then checkout So Much Candy, a sugar-filled, candy-coated treat from Microgaming, which you can find on Jackpot City.




This 5 reel, 25 payline pokie is based on all things sweet, with an assortment of candy, and other bright and bold symbols. The graphics are nothing special, but they work with the theme, which is very simplistic overall.


This is a non-progressive pokie, but there is still a big jackpot on offer nonetheless, and you can secure as much as 64,000 coins, with the actual cash amount that you get from this being entirely dependant on the value that you give those coins.




As discussed above, you set the value of the coins yourself on So Much Candy. You are limited to playing a maximum of 10 of these, but you can stake anywhere from $0.01 to $0.20 on each of them, which gives you a fairly wide scope.


Bonus Rounds


There is a fairly unique feature on this pokie that can split any of your winning symbols, turning them into bigger and much more rewarding winning paylines. There is also a free spins round, which is the main bonus round and the one that will return the highest amount on average.


The amount of free spins that you get will change every time, as you will be given a choice of 5 different options before the round begins, with your chosen option returning a random amount of free spins.




So Much Candy is nothing special, nothing unique or game changing. However, it doesn’t try to be any of these things. The goal was to create a fun little pokie that a wide variety of players would get a kick out of, and they definitely achieved that goal.

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