Sizzling Scorpions – Review of 3 Reel Pokies

A basic pokie that is based on a familiar layout Sizzling Scorpions is not unique and if you have played Microgaming retro pokies before then you will have seen this layout many times over. However, it’s not all bad, because Sizzling Scorpions is one of the most generous slots we have seen in this mould, and that alone will surely be enough to entice even the most picky of pokie players.


This pokie can be found on Spin Palace.




Sizzling Scorpions has just 1 payline, which is spread across 3 reels. The backdrop is of a desert, with a scorpion taking center stage, and the payline info takes up most of the game screen. The graphics are nothing special, but that payline info showcases something that is, something that sets Sizzling Scorpions apart from similar slots.


That’s because Sizzling Scorpions has a maximum win of 5,000x, which is very high for such a small game, especially when you consider that big wins are far more common on pokies like this than they are on bigger pokies. This is letdown somewhat by the fact that the second highest paying symbol doesn’t return much, but still, that’s a hefty payout.




The betting range on Sizzling Scorpions is very small, one of the smallest we have seen in fact. It begins at just $0.50 per spin and goes up to just $1,50 per spin. This amount will likely cover the largest demographic of pokie players, but it also excludes a lot of other players.


Bonus Features


There are no bonus features on Sizzling Scorpions, which is to be expected. There are no wild symbols either, nothing to break the monotony of the base game, and nothing to get excited about except for the biggest win.




If you want a game that returns big wins and good odds, then look no further than Sizzling Scorpions. If you want advanced bonus features and big wilds, then this is not for you.

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