How to Use Siri as an Online Casino Resource

The number of people using voice automated and voice activated services in smartphones, tablets and PCs is growing. With this trend the number of users starting to use these services for alternative uses beyond the realm of asking directions is also on the rise. Most notably we are starting to see people integrate Siri into the gaming world, particularly in the casino realm where gamblers can sit in the comfort of their own home and let voice commands take over their casino efforts.

Although most experts think voice commands won’t take off in the market because most people prefer to use voice assistants like Siri alone, gambling online is typically a personal experience tailored to the individual player. Players prefer to use all resources at hand and are not shy to turn away available technologies that may assist them in their gaming experience, particularly when it comes to playing for real money.

One of the areas where we are seeing Siri being used is for voice-activated reel commands in pokies playing. Upon entering gambling hubs, players tend to want to sit back and relax while freeing themselves of other tasks and are setting up their casino games to run on voice commands. One of the most popular services for doing this is Siri since it is found in Apple iPhones, which make up roughly 46% of the smartphone market share here in Australia. Players log into a pokies game and upon making a deposit are able to choose how they will gamble, including whether they are using a mobile or PC device.

How to Use Siri at a Casino

Although the sign up and deposit process is manual, online casino commands for game play are becoming available not just to player input from finger taps but also from voice input. Not every casino offers this function but should you find yourself in an online casino platform try turning on Siri and making a command such as “Spin the Reel”. Provided the casino offers voice integration this command system should be able to pick this up and confirm on the screen that this is the move you are trying to command. You can then also confirm “yes” or “no” by speaking again and the action will be performed.

As of now using voice command is somewhat limited to the independent function of each site. For example, Siri is built in the iPhone to search for things such as news or various apps but once it takes you to those platforms it doesn’t necessarily have the function to take over how you can utilize Siri into the site, as that is dependent on whether the site formatting allows this or not.

Most casino platforms and overall other Internet platforms are starting to see the value in making sites voice command compatible just like a site is mobile compatible but the progress with this so far has been relatively slow. We expect the next big wave of site improvements and development to be associated with voice command and VR functionality in the future, but time will tell.

Other Gambling Commands

If Siri or other voice commands such as Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana cannot be of use on the direct command front, they are nevertheless indispensable resources for finding information on a casino. For example, if you find yourself at a pokies site and are unsure whether it is safe or legal, you can ask one of the services to find background information pertaining to your inquiry. You can also ask information on pokies strategy pay lines or recommended games, and the systems will bring up information from the web in no time. This is a very convenient resource for prepping to deposit and play games such as real money pokies.

Some players also use these voice services to get tips on other casino games such as blackjack, with inquiries pertaining to live dealer strategy and even tips for when to hit/fold. Players also hope that Siri can get access to real time information on a game in the future, in which it will be able to help make recommendations on beating the house. This idea isn’t too far fetched and indeed will be a topic of major discussion particularly in terms of the extent to which robots gain access to interfaces.

Additional Info on Siri

Siri is now being formatted to recognize and perform functions related to the home entertainment and overall smart home arena. The fact this technology can understand commands to lock doors, turn on lights, change TV channels or monitor various cameras tells us the casino world is likely to follow in suite. Siri meanwhile is becoming a center piece in which Apple is developing products around its functionality including its apps, so we think there is a high chance iOS developers including those in the casino realm will need to keep this in mind for adapting to the ever-changing gambling app world in the future.

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