Robojack Pokies Fun – Robot Themed Slots for Money

Meet Robojack, a humanized robot who is the star of his own pokie courtesy of the world’s biggest slot machine developer, Microgaming. This simple but fun creation is part of their huge lineup, and can be found on casinos like Jackpot City, along with many of Microgaming pokies.




Robojack has a basic aesthetic, with the little robot being the star of the show. You won’t find many high paying symbols on this pokie, and even the biggest ones are a little disappointing. Still, this doesn’t impact on regular play much and you will see a lot of small wins. Every little bit helps.




Robojack has a minimum bet of $0.30, paving the way for many low stake players. This increases to a huge maximum bet of $300, which should attract many high rollers.


Bonus Rounds


Make no mistake about it, the main lure of this pokie is the main bonus round, which gives the player a number of options. In fact, there are 5 different rounds to choose from, each with their own positives and negatives. These include features such as a wild reel, multipliers and more, and these options also dish out a different number of spins. What’s more, as soon as the free spins round is unlocked you will trigger an instant win. This is not worth much if you land just 3 scatter symbols, but it becomes worthwhile at 4 and provides a big win when you land 5 of them.




This is not a great pokie, but it’s not a terrible one either. There is very little on offer in terms of the visuals, or the base game itself, but if you focus entirely on the bonus round, which seems to be what the developers did, then this becomes a decent title. Not only is this a big and impressive round, but it is also much more common than you would expect.

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