Phantom Cash Pokies – Ghost Themed Slots for Money

Phantom Cash is a Microgaming pokie that can be found on the best licensed casinos, including Spin Palace. This ghostly pokie was released in time for Halloween back in 2012, and it is typically rolled out in time for this macabre holiday every year. It can still be found all year round though, and if you like haunted houses, and spooky themes, then you’re sure to enjoy what Phantom Cash has to offer.




Phantom Cash doesn’t follow any recognized theme. This is not a film, video game or anything of the sort. It’s Microgaming’s own creation, and it works really well. There is a ghostly, steampunk edge, and whilst some of the symbols look a little rushed and hastily designed, the majority of them look great.


There are 25 paylines in total and no way to reduce the number of these that you play. The symbols to look out for include all of the ghosts, who tend to return the biggest wins. There are also multiplying wilds that appear on the first and fifth reels, doubling all winning paylines that they contribute to.


Bet Sizes


This ghostly slot can be played for just $0.25 per spin.




Phantom Cash has a couple of features. We have already mentioned the multiplying wilds, and it also has a Ghost Zap feature, where you have to destroy a set number of ghosts. This takes place on the same reels as the base game and is triggered via the haunted house scatter symbol. This round tends to return good sized wins, and the scatter symbol itself is also very generous, returning as much as 2,500x if you land all 5.


Phantom Cash


Phantom Cash looks great and it plays even better. We loved the addition of the multiplying “ghost catcher” wilds, and we also loved the features. This is a game that all fans of bonus pokies will love.

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