Paradise Found Pokies – Disappointing Slots

Paradise Found is a Microgaming pokie, and a strange one at that. Although it is available in most Microgaming casinos, including Jackpot City, this is not the most popular pokie around, nor is it the best you will play. Paradise Found is not without its positives, but at the same time there are many negative aspects to this pokie, which make those positives quite hard to see.




The graphics on Paradise Found are not the best. They are very simple and the theme is very strange. The backdrop is of a mountain peak, but the symbols themselves include petals, grails and royal pieces. We’re not sure what the connection is, but it is disjointed and it doesn’t work.


There is also a very small maximum win of just 10,000 coins, which makes this a hard sell for many hardened pokie players.




The betting range is definitely a positive for Paradise Found. The minimum bet is just $0.01, which ensures the game can be played by all budgets, and as this goes all of the way up to $200, it should be ideal for high stake players as well. In fact, you will struggle to find anything higher away from the specialized pokies you can find in some VIP casinos.


Bonus Rounds


There is something known as the Wild Lotus Feature on Paradise Found, which is a unique and interesting feature, and one that also returns some big wins. It is activated with scatters on the first and final reels, and it holds reels in place, before switching single symbols around. It’s something you have to see to truly understand, but needless to say it is enjoyable and it pays well.




Paradise Found has a wide betting range and a great bonus round, but that’s where the positives end, and it has very little else going for it.

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