Multiplayer Playboy Pokies – Double the Pleasure

A multiplayer version of a single player pokie that was released in July 2013, Playboy is a Safe for Work online-only game available on Jackpot City and other top online casinos.


With a simple aesthetic, featuring a black background and some simple symbols, this is not a game that is going to win any stylistic awards, but the beauty is in the betting and the bonuses and not the aesthetics.


You really need to bet at least $1 to get value out of this game, as anything less will not generate a multiplier (the bar that remains at the side of the reels) and you need this to win big money. You should also select the “Auto-play” option and keep this selected, because as soon as you stop playing then your multiplier will drop.

You can, of course, play for less, but this is a game aimed at those who don’t think much of spinning for $1 and will happily spin for much more.

Bonus Rounds

The reason behind the multiplier bar comes into its own during the bonus round, which is triggered when any of the players (up to 5) land 3 of the Playboy magazine symbols. This is a simple free spins round, but depending on how much you were playing for prior to the round being triggered, you could have a huge multiplier. We have witnessed games where players have staked $10 per spin prior to the bonus round, only to consistently walk away with several thousand dollars during that round.

There are no other bonus rounds, but believe us when we say that the main bonus round is more than enough.


This is a great game, but not for small stake players. If you prefer penny pokies, then you might want to give this one a miss, as you’re not going to get much value. If you’re happy to gamble for $1+ a spin, then you will struggle to find a game that has a more rewarding free spins round. Just make sure you only play in rooms that are full of active players.

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