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In 2015 Google announced that they were going to penalize websites that didn’t cater for mobile users. Dubbed “Mobilegeddon” by the buzzword-happy media, this caused a panic as millions of websites fell over themselves trying to cater for mobile users. Of course, many others had already understood the importance of the mobile market and had profited from that understanding, but for others it was a wake-up call.

For a few years now there have been more mobile users than desktop users, and this is evident in the world of online shopping, social media and, of course, online gambling. We all prefer to gamble on our mobile devices. It’s easier, it’s more convenient and thanks to Mobilegeddon and the mobile revolution, it’s something that most casinos now allow.

But just because it is widespread doesn’t mean that all casinos are the same. There are a lot of developers that just haven’t quite tuned into the needs of mobile users, as well as casinos and other gambling sites that have ignored them completely.

Playing on Your Mobile Device

If you use an iOS device then you should be able to find the online casino app in the App Store. If you use an Android device then you won’t find anything in the Google Play Store, as real money gambling goes against their terms and conditions. You can still download through the casino website, but you will need to tweak your settings to allow apps from third-party developers.

There may be some restrictions in place when it comes to depositing on your mobile device, and many gambling apps prefer that you go through the desktop site, where it is easier to keep checks on your safety and to ensure that everything is secure. However, there should be no such issues when it comes to initiating a withdrawal, or if you want to deposit through a third-party provider such as Skrill or Paypal.

If you would prefer not to download anything, then some casinos will allow you to play directly through your mobile browser. You will still need to signup and deposit, but you can do this through the mobile browser as well. If you do use an app, and if you take your device with you wherever you go, then make sure you always connect to a secure service, that you never hook up to unsecured or public Wi-Fi, and that you put a lock on your device just incase you lose it.

The Best Mobile Slots

Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet, there will always be a wealth of table games and slot machines that you can play. Many of these have been adapted from desktop games, with a few tweaks made to ensure that everything looks and works okay on a smaller screen and that it is compatible with a touchscreen. These pale in comparison to the slots that have been created exclusively for the mobile market though.

One of the best games doing the rounds at the minute is Beehive Reactors. Similar to games like Bubble Craze and Chain Reactors, Beehive Reactors looks like Candy Crush, and the goal is to land “lines” of symbols which will then disappear, before others fall into place. Where Beehive Reactors really excels is the bonus game. You access this round by filling a jar with nectar, after which you will be taken to a side-scrolling mini-game that looks and feels like Flappy Bird. You have to keep a bee in flight as you avoid obstacles and collect coins. The more coins you collect, the more money you will earn, but try not to get hit along the way, otherwise you’ll lose a large chunk of your earnings.

The Worst Mobile Developers

Although most developers have software that works on mobile devices, not all of them are worth your while. Realtime Gaming are a prime example of this. They are a decent developer, but they don’t hold a candle to some of the bigger developers in this industry. Realtime Gaming don’t bother with visually appealing games and tend to limit the amount of features they offer. They produce pokies that are very simple, pokies that are focused entirely on their base-games, and they also allow the individual casinos (the ones who license their software) to tweak the RTP how they see fit. This means that you never really know what you’re getting.

The Best Mobile Developers

Microgaming leads the way when it comes to mobile pokies and pokies in general, which means that Microgaming casinos like Jackpot City are your best bet. They offer a huge number of bonuses and a list of the very best Microgaming games, including mobile hits like The Dark Knight, Terminator 2, Mega Moolah, Cash Splash and many others.

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