Major Millions Pokies – Spin Palace Progressive Review

Microgaming were the very first to create progressive jackpot pokies, and whilst you will struggle to find any such games bigger than Mega Moolah, Major Millions comes very close.

This pokie often has jackpots well in excess of $100,000, with jackpots on sites like Spin Palace regularly exceeding $1 million.


This is a 5-reel slot with a very basic aesthetic. The theme is a military one, but with simplistic graphics and a standard blue backdrop, it’s not one that shines through particularly well. Still, the game screen is far from the standard arcade look you will find on many old-school pokies, and merely looks like a toned-down version of modern pokies.


The minimum bet, and the maximum bet for that matter, is $0.20 per line, or $3 per spin. You won’t be able to play for $0.01 or $0.02 here, which is often the case with progressive jackpot pokies. On the plus side, this amount will qualify you for the progressive jackpot, which means that even with just $3, you can still trigger a life changing win.

Bonus Rounds

There is a wild symbol and a scatter symbol on this pokie, but the latter doesn’t trigger any sort of bonus round or free spins round. Instead, it works like an old-school scatter, which is to say that it simply returns you an instant win based on how many of them you land.

The progressive jackpot is the main lure here, and this is triggered via the wild symbol. You need 5 of them on a single payline in order to trigger the jackpot.


Major Millions has an RTP of less than 90%, which is low, but not uncommonly so for a progressive pokie. When you factor in the lack of bonus rounds this looks like a disappointing pokie on the surface, but you simply can’t ignore the jackpot, which can make you a millionaire with a single spin.

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