Lotsaloot Pokies – High Progressive Playing AU

Lotsaloot is a progressive 3 reel pokie from Microgaming. Available on Jackpot City and other online casinos, this pokie also has a 5 reel version, but it is the reduced reel edition we will be focusing on for this short review.




This is a basic pokie, which was intentional. After all, when this pokie was developed Microgaming were creating advanced, 3D games with a multitude of bonus rounds. Some players just prefer to stick with the basics, especially when those basics have high variance and big progressive jackpots, which Lotsaloot certainly has.


The highest paying symbol returns 2,500x your bet, but this excludes the progressive jackpot, which is much higher.




There is a set bet of $0.50 on Lotsaloot, which means that this is both the minimum and the maximum. This is very little when you consider that it will qualify you for all of the progressive jackpot, an amount that any gambler would be happy to win.


Bonus Rounds


There are no bonus rounds or random features on Lotsaloot, which is to be expected from a 3 reel, single payline pokie. There is simply no room for any such features, and you won’t even find a scatter symbol here.




Without the progressive jackpot Lotsaloot would be nothing but a basic and fairly pointless pokie. However, because of that progressive jackpot this is a high variance pokie that gives you a legitimate shot at a life changing sum, because with just a few symbols and a single payline, your chances of hitting the big jackpot are much higher here than on many other progressive pokies.


Whilst Microgaming have created many other progressives, Lotsaloot is actually a rarity, in that it was one of their first and remains as one of their only 3 reel, single payline progressives.

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