Irish Eyes Pokies – An Ireland Stereotype Pokie

A very basic pokie that you can find on Spin Palace and many other Microgaming casinos, Irish Eyes is as far from the big and bold 3D graphics and advanced bonus round as it is possible to be. It isn’t all bad news though as this pokie does have some positives.




Irish Eyes was developed in 2010, but one look at the graphics, which are basic are best, will tell you that it was dated even on the release day. The aesthetics are poor, which is a bit of a letdown, but Irish Eyes does look a little better on mobile devices, which is perhaps what Microgaming were going for.


The RTP is strong at over 95%, and there is also a base game jackpot of 50,000 coins, which makes up for the poor aesthetics.




Irish Eyes takes coins, which you can set the value for yourself. These range from just $0.01 each, and they go all of the way up to $2.


Bonus Rounds


There are two bonus features on the Irish Eyes pokie, including a simple “choose me” feature whereby you can win everything from a 100x instant win, to a number of other rewards. There is also a “choose again” option. The main bonus round, however, is a free spins round, and on average this tends to return a little more. This is because there are a minimum of 12 free spins on offer, and all of them come with a 3x multiplier.




Irish Eyes is not much to look at, with a very basic aesthetic and some blurry, simplistic graphics. Looks aside though, there is plenty going on, including some high paying symbols, a sizeable base game jackpot, an interesting little feature and a free spins round.


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