Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel – Fruity Pokies in Australia

A basic pokie that comes in both 3 reel and 5 reel versions (with the former being covered in this review) Fruit Fiesta was created by Microgaming and is available on Spin Palace.




This pokie was released in 2008, a year when Microgaming were at their most active and a year which saw the release of some of their biggest titles and series. This is not one of those, but this single payline, 3 reel pokie is not without its advantages. These include a progressive jackpot that can change your life in a heartbeat, and a combination of symbols that can pay as much as 1,600x.


There are actually many different winning combinations on this pokie, a surprise considering its limitations, and something that definitely works in its favour.




The minimum bet on Fruit Fiesta is $0.25 and the maximum is $3, a range that should cover most of the lower to mid level players, and one that may even entice higher stake players thanks to the progressive jackpot. After all, whilst $3 doesn’t mean much to some people, the hundreds of thousands they can win from that means something to everyone.


Bonus Rounds


There are no bonus rounds, free spin rounds, random features or anything of the sort on this pokie. That is usually the case with 1 payline pokies like this though, and it’s also very rare to find any sort of extra feature on any 3 reel pokie.




The 5 reel version of this pokie offers a little more than this version, but we enjoyed both of them equally. Personally, we prefer our pokies to have big and brash bonus rounds, but these games still appeal to a wide audience, which is why Microgaming are still making them, and if you’re part of this audience then you will surely enjoy this more than we did.

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