Freedom Fighter Slot – Intergalactic Pokies Action

Are you interested in seeing an intergalactic battle with a futuristic fight? If so you should play Gameplay’s Freedom Fighter. Freedom Fighter is an online video slot. This slot gives an interesting, but yet terrifying glimpse into how the future can be. Meaning, giant robots intending to cause havoc.

One question you should ask yourself is will you walk away from the battle, or be caught up in it. This article about the Freedom Fighter slot will tell you all of the important information about it.

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The Battle- Even though Freedom Fighter is an online video slot, but this is unlike anyone you have ever experienced due to the futuristic battle that occurs. This battle occurs between giant robots, and they dominate your screen. As the game is loading, you will see the theme right away. Also as you are entering the main screen, you will see the futuristic aspects of the slot.


The symbols in the slot which include robots, launchers, rockets, and battleships. This slot is definitely not for those who are looking for the faint of heart type of game or an experience that is serene.


The gameplay of this slot is fierce and contains a different amount of weaponized robots. If you are in the mood for a real battle, this one is perfect for you.

The Symbol Values- Before you make the reels start spinning, it is best to find out what is needed in order to win. This game’s paytable will shows exactly what is needed to win. The paytable is located on the bottom of the left screen, and it is opened through clicking the info button.


The first screen you will see on the paytable shows the part of the features available. It shows how much can be won through landing matching symbols. In most cases, you have to land at least three matching symbols in order to get a prize. Here you only have to match two in order to win the top two prizes.


Also there are wild and scatter symbols, which will be able to increase your chances of winning.


Landing three of the scatters will not just only give you 8 free games, but you will be able to have access to the……Hall of Weapons! You have the ability to pick whatever weapon you want. Each of these weapons have their own advantage. Make sure you choose in a very careful manner.


The Features- The features just does not end with the scatters and wilds. This slot offers a lot of chances to win.

If you land at least of the bonus symbols, you will have a shot at playing the Battle for Free bonus round. In this bonus round, you will be given at least 5 chances to win additional rewards. In order to play this, you have to guess the correct outcome of the battle that goes down between Freedom Fighter and Eon Red. You will win a reward each time you make the correct guess.


The next bonus round is called the Colony Attack. In order to get this bonus triggered, you will have to land at least three bonus symbols. In this round, there are three separate missions. Since there are three separate missions, you will receive more than one opportunity to win. Each successful mission will get you a prize.


If you are a person that is looking for large wins, you will definitely be interested in the progressive jackpot. In order to be eligible for it, you will have to spin the jackpot symbol on any of the reels.

During the progressive jackpot, you will be given two choices to win. Those choices are Fire and Desire. They each have a guaranteed win.


Overall Thoughts About Freedom Fighter- This slot game is definitely worth taking the time out to play. In this slot, you will only play one coin for each line. This amount cannot be changed. However, the value of the coin can be increased from 0.01 to 1.2. In order to get the total bet for each spin, you will have to multiply the figure by the amount of active paylines. These factors along with others play a role in making this slot good.


Even though there is not a multiplier or a free spins symbol, there are so many prizes available. There are so many opportunities offered to win a prize, so much to the point in which you can lose track of them.


The robots in this slot are very powerful, and there is a good chance that in real life they will have a lot of power at some point in the future. Another good thing about this slot is the theme. A lot of slot players will definitely find this one to be entertaining.

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