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Explore Mary Shelly’s famous creation courtesy of Microgaming and their Franken Cash pokie. This ghoulish pokie is a recreation of the Frankenstein story, where a creature was built from spare parts and given life by the eponymous doctor. This is not an officially licensed pokie and isn’t based on any adaptation, or on the original book, as they seemed to have done enough to avoid any licensing issues.


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Franken Cash is set in Frankenstein’s laboratory, where he is in the morbid process of creating the creature. There are symbols of his castle, laboratory equipment and of the creature himself, and everything has a very comic edge to it. This game is quite old, having first launched in 2007, but it doesn’t look as dated as that release date would suggest and we actually like the aesthetic they have created.


As for payments, you’ll get 100x your stake if you land 5 of the bigger symbols, whilst the smaller ones pay 50x and less.




Franken Cash works in coins, and you can set a value of just $0.01 for these coins if you wish.


Bonus Rounds


The main bonus round is a simple game of choice. You are faced with 12 voltage levers and need to pick three of them, unlocking cash prizes when you do. This is the only graphical bonus round, but there is also a free spins round, and whilst this is not as common, the average return over the course of the round is much higher than in the other bonus round.


The Frankenstein symbol is the one that unlocks the bonus round, whilst the electric switch symbol unlocks the free spins round.




This game is quite a few years old, so our hopes weren’t high, but we were really surprised with Franken Cash. The symbols pay well, it looks great and there are a couple of great features as well. What more could you want?

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