Diamond Dreams – Traditional Slot from BetSoft

Diamond Dreams is a traditional slot machine but with a twist to it. This slot was developed by BetSoft. There are 3 reels and 5 paylines in it. Diamond Dreams is a slot that is not progressive and it can be played on Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Nothing has to be downloaded in order to play it.

The Theme of Diamond Dreams Slot- The design of this slot game is a replica of single paylines 3 reel slots. Digging for diamonds is theme of the slot along with matching icons that are needed. There are more payout options in this slot game in comparison to 3 reel, singular payline slots. Winning combinations can be formed three levels horizontally and two levels diagonally.

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In regards to the layout of this slot, it is pretty simple like the Diamond Jackpot. The symbols included in this game are Cherries, Diamonds, Bells, Single and Triple Bars.

This classic style slot stays 100 percent true to classic slot sounds, and flashing lights. It does not contain any elaborate graphic features.

The Features in the Diamond Dreams Slot- If you have played classic old slots, then you will find that the features in this slot are similar. These features are straightforward and simple. However, it is important to note that there are a lot of twists in this game outside from the multiple paylines. One interesting feature is that the Diamond icon doubles up as a wild on any payout on any of the activated paylines. Also, there is an inclusion of an alternative Bell, Cherries, and 7s combinations contained in the payout options list which is not available in this game that contains classic slot symbols. There are not any scatters, bonus, multipliers, or gamble features in this slot game.

A Bonus Game?- There are not any bonus features in this game nor free spins. Some slot players will not want to play this due to this circumstance. This is a slot game for online slot players who are just focusing on spinning without bells and whistles of second-screen bonuses.

The Betting Limits- The coin range in this slot goes from 0.02 to 1.00. The maximum bet is at 5 coins and the jackpot value is worth 1,000 coins when you land 3 Diamond icons on any payline that is activated.

Overall Thoughts about Diamond Dreams Slot- Like with all of the other BetSoft slot games, this slot is very simple and easy to understand. Slot players will love that it is very straightforward. There was a lot of thought put into the icons.

Another good element about this slot is that it contains the standard slot options for selecting a coin value, the amount of bets for the single, and an option to put the maximum bet of three coins for each line. If you have played old fashioned slots, you will notice similarities between those and the Diamond Dreams slot. This is a perfect slot for those who love to play the classic slots (online or at land-based casinos).

A lot of online slots are very complex (too complex at times) and in a lot of cases that turns off a lot of slot players. In a certain way, this slot is kind of a breath of fresh air due to how simple it is. If you are in the mood to play a simple slot, then Diamond Dreams is right for you. Also, this slot game is very relaxing.

There are some slot players that will not like the fact that this slot does not have any special symbols such as a wild and a scatter. Also, there are some slot players that will not like that it does not have any multipliers and free spins. If you are slot player that is looking to gain a lot of nice prizes, then you are not going to like this slot. However, the jackpot prize is pretty decent though.

If you are into playing classic slots, then right as you start this one, you will feel as if you are in another world. You will feel connected to this slot right away. Especially if you love diamonds. Diamonds are something that a lot of us want to have throughout our whole lives. As you are playing this slot, you are going to want more and more of them in your real life. This element has such a deep history of having a lot of value, which is why there are those who dig a lot for them. Not only do they have such a high value, but they are also very pretty. Which is why for a lot of females, they are a “best friend”. This slot will make you go on an interesting digging diamonds journey.

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