Couch Potato Pokies – Slots Just Got Lazier

Couch Potato is a 3 reel pokie from Microgaming, one that you can find on many of their licensed casinos, including Jackpot City. This pokie may not have the highest number of paylines or bonus rounds, but for an arcade pokie it is an impressive title and one that many players will enjoy.




The main theme is of a couch potato, an actual potato-head who spends his time on the couch watching TV and eating junk food. The game’s symbol is the highest paying symbol and you can pickup as much as 15,000x if you get three of these in a single payline. There are also fruit symbols and “bar” symbols, although away from the biggest paying symbol, everything else pays very little.




Couch Potato is played with coins, with the players setting the value of these before they take their spins. You can set a minimum coin value of $0.25, and this can go all of the way up to $25. This creates quite a high maximum bet for such a small pokie, which means Couch Potato will be coveted by many high rollers.


Bonus Rounds


There are no bonus rounds on the Couch Potato pokie, but there are wild symbols and multipliers, and you can get as much as 25x if you land the right symbol in the right place. This single payline pokie also has a relatively high RTP, which is usually the main attraction to these types of games. However, if you prefer big and glitzy features, then you will be disappointed by what Couch Potato has to offer.




Couch Potato is a basic pokie and if you treat it as such then you won’t be disappointed. If that is what you prefer then this could be just what you are looking for, if not, then this is probably best avoided.


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