Alley Cats Pokies – Feline Bowling Slots Action

Alley Cats takes the slang term for people who go Tenpin Bowling and runs with it, creating a pokie that is based around felines who love bowling. There are five different cats here, and the action takes place in a bowling alley.


A fun pokie that you can play on the best Microgaming casinos, including Spin Palace, Alley Cats has some big features and a great deal more.




There are some huge symbols on Alley Cats, including a wild that pays 1,500x for 4 and 10,000x for 5. The many cat symbols also pay well, and the highest of these returns 5,000x for 5, with others paying 2,00x and 1,000x. A mixture of wilds and cat symbols also pays very well, and overall there are close to a dozen big paying symbols and combinations on Alley Cats.


Visually speaking, this is not a particularly impressive title. The graphics are basic, but they are polished enough to make it playable, and in many ways Alley Cats reminds us of the Star series of pokies, one that includes Football Star and Rugby Star, and was also created by Microgaming.




Alley Cats works on coins, and you can price these at anywhere from $0.01 each to $0.25 each. This doesn’t sound like much, but as you can spend many coins per spin, the maximum bet is actually quite high.


Bonus Rounds


In the main bonus round you can take a shot down the alley, aiming for a number of prizes and picking up a return that tends to be over 5x, and can be much higher than that. This is where the game’s jackpot of 50,000 coins comes into play, an amount that is sure to make a big difference to your life regardless of your stake.




A great pokie with an amusing layout and some interesting features, Alley Cats is well worth a play.

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