Possible Implications of Artificial Intelligence Related to Gambling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making headlines these days for its implications on technology. Experts from various fields are at large afraid of the implications AI has for society in the future while some have more reserved views. For the most part, experts see AI as a simple replacement of humans in a number of sectors while others believe malevolence and uncontrollable actions from AI are still too early to determine.

One area that is gaining no shortage of discussion is the use of AI in gambling. Below is a compilation of common scenarios, assumptions, fears and other speculation of what many analysts are discussing in this field. While there are far too many possible outcomes that could arise incorporating AI into gambling, this list should at least outline some of the key points those associated with the online or land-based casino scene should take note of in upcoming years.

Possible Scenarios

  1. Online casinos will have a major advantage over players. AI will be able to determine a player’s habits such as expected deposit amounts, wager behavior, player movements and vulnerability. This worries many analysts over the legitimacy of a casino and whether casinos’ verified algorithms would be considered cheating. AI could determine in real-time the best practices for winning against a player, leaving the question of whether algorithms would be useful anymore.
  2. AI could be used toward a player’s advantage. There could be software developed to determine the best route for a player to make a wager, how much the player should bet, strategy for helping a player to win, and real-time analysis of which machine or table a player should attend.
  3. Algorithms at casinos could in fact be altered. Although previously set in place AI could determine the efficacy of either protecting the casino or the player depending on how the technology takes over. Assuming it is working in favor of the casino AI may in fact alter the algorithm to a different percentage, rendering it illegal since the set percentage would have already been verified to legal operating standards. This means a casino could be flat out cheating its customers with a 100% house edge but without even knowing it. For a player the advantage perhaps in an online setting when AI helps playing a game like slots to determine and alter the game’s outcome.
  4. AI determines that casinos are no longer beneficial to the development of human society because the relevant portion of money lost to a small percentage of casinos is outbalanced. In other words, AI looks at how many people are losing money versus winning and determines that money could have otherwise benefited humanity in another way, making gambling halls irrelevant and thus shutting them down.
  5. AI may determine its end goal is to help gain as much money from casino halls and allocate it to other endeavors. Say for example the technology determines humanity needs more food, shelter and other beneficial things but is lacking funding. It could determine that casinos are one of the quickest hubs for funneling money into such developments and thus could take action to transfer funding away from casinos. At this point AI would be unstoppable in terms of penetrating bank accounts and shifting money at will without a casino’s approval. Who knows at what point AI would stop or consider its mission accomplished so casinos could very well shut down.
  6. AI could determine there is economic benefit from casinos placed in certain locations and therefore want to keep it in place. For example, in rural areas casinos may bring in hundreds if not thousands of jobs otherwise previously untapped and cause local citizens’ standard of living to increase. Perhaps AI will deem this as progress and want to make sure there is a balance between player/casino edges, thus not interfering with otherwise set and regulated casino operations.
  7. On the other hand, AI may determine opening a casino is connected to locals’ decrease in savings and funding that otherwise is put into the local economy, thus regarding the casino as harmful. The technology may also see an increase in alcohol sales in order to cope with such losses, higher unemployment and other factors it considers important in its web of progress, making such casino facilities hurtful to society.

There are so many potential outcomes of how AI could unfold in connection with gambling and these are but a few scenarios. Experts on AI don’t really know the extent to which AI will take on a life of its own and therefore we are in the dark about its potential threats or benefits.

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