1 Arm Bandit – 3 Reel Pokies Action for Money

1 Arm Bandit is the nickname for pokies in many parts of the world, including many regions in the United Kingdom. This 3 reel pokie, which you can find on Spin Palace and other respectable Microgaming casinos, is based on a basic old-school layout, albeit with a few modern tweaks. 


Much like the pokies of old, 1 Arm Bandit uses a simple 3 reel, 1 payline setup, and you can also find single, double and triple “bar” symbols. However, all of these have been given a redesign, focusing on a bandit theme. This means that the “bar” symbols are in the shape of bullets, the highest paying symbol is of a bandit, and even the standard “7” symbols have a weathered, western look.

The maximum payout in this pokie is 4,000x, and there are also payouts of 2,000x and 1,000x, making this a very generous game when you consider that there are very few symbols, very few paylines and therefore a higher chance that the big symbols will land.


You can bet for as little as $0.25 per spin and as much as $5 per spin, with several increments in between. Because there is only one payline you won’t find the sort of broad betting scope that many pokies offer, but many players of most stake levels should still find something to suit here.

Bonus Rounds

Surprisingly for such a simplistic pokie, 1 Arm Bandit does have a free spin feature. This is not like the free spin features you will find on many modern pokies, but it still allows you to take a free shot or two at the reels. There are no other bonus rounds or anything of the sort, but this is to be expected for such a basic game.


Old-school pokie fans will adore 1 Arm Bandit, but with a pleasing aesthetic and a couple of things that sets it apart from similar pokies, this game may also appeal to a wider range of players.

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